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What areas do you cover?

We offer mileage correction services in the North Wales and Anglesey regions as well as Warrington and the North West region.

What is Mileage correction

Mileage correction is the term used for recalibrating the recorded miles/km or hours on a piece of equipment of vehicle.  There are many reasons why corrections and recalibrations are made
and these include when we are booked by main dealers when the mileage of a vehicle is incorrect.  This can happen when components have been exchanged for repair or testing by inexperienced staff who don't realise that most modern vehicle will carry the highest mileage over to the vehicle from the component.  This can result in all the other computer modules then reatining the higher mileage even when the original module is put back in the vehicle.  Main dealers do not have the correct equipment to correct these errors and that is where Dash Doctors come in.

What is an OBD correction

OBD corrections are where we use specialist equipment to connect to the vehicles electronic network to both read and modify the individual modules within the vehicle.

This allows use to recalibrate the stored values and reset them to the correct ones for the vehicle.  These corrections can sometimes take up to and over 50 minutes to complete.

What is Direct Chip/Solder connectios

Solder or direct chip connections are needed when there is no way to make alterations to the recorded mileage in a vehicle via the OBD port.  This is usually accomplished by removing the dash cluster from the vehicle and then dissasembling it to gain access to the chip memory on board.  We then use specialist equipment to access the stored values and correct them as required.